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210911-BS 400m3 Split Hopper Barge

Built in 1983 in Germany, the hopper barge has a classification of Russian River Register (O-PR 2.0 (Ice 20)). The hopper has a capacity of 400m3 with a load of 850t. The barge is powered by 2 x 220 kW diesel engines. Loaded speed is 4 knots and empty speed is 10 knots. The barge has a length of 49.8m, a breadth of 9.0m and a loaded draught of 2.49m. Location: Baltic Sea

RUB 57,300,000
(USD 873,209)
210902-BP 60-inch Pipe Lay Barge w/ DP and 1000-tonne Revolving Crane

Built in 1976 and fully rebuilt and upgraded in 2009. Capable of laying pipes up to 60" in offshore waters. Deck area is 1500m2. The barge can accommodate up to 280 persons. The main crane is a Clyde DE52 230 + 30 + 15 with capacity up to 1000t (fixed) at a radius of 22m and height of 66m. Location: Brazil

For Charter Only
210803-BW 54-feet x 30-feet Truckable Barge with Crane and 400-hp Push Boat

Barge is truckable in four pieces. 3 sections are 40-ft x 10ft each and 1 section in stern that is 14-ft x 30-ft. The stern section includes the galley and tool room. The barge has 4 studs each with a length of 45-ft. Spuds are raised and lowered using the crane. The crane is a self-propelled, diesel engine drive, four wheel drive and steer, rubber tired, rough terrain hydraulic crane. The Push Boat has a length of 25-ft and width of 13-ft 7-in. It is powered by 2 John Deer model: 6068TFM75A with engine hours of 565.  Location: state of New Jersey, USA

USD 440,000
(USD 440,000)
210409-BL 2,200-tonne Floating Sheer Leg Crane

Built in 2014 in Korea, the vessel is classified as KR and registered in Panama. The crane is 87 m and has an outreach of 29.3 m. The main hook is 550 Ton x 4 set and aux. hook is 200 Ton x 2 set. GT is 9,205 Ton and NT is 2,761 Ton. Overall length is 86.43 m with a breadth of 54.0 m.  Location: Middle East

Price on request
210402-BW 36-feet x 12.5-feet Work Spud Barges (2)

2 work barges. One is 36-inches in height and the other 42-inches. Both barges are 35-ft in length and 12.5-ft in width. Both barges also have 2 spuds. Both of these barges have recently been blasted, painted , redecked where necessary new manhole were renewed as required.  Price is for each barge.  Location: State of Texas, USA

USD 50,000
(USD 50,000)
210304-BD 45m x 12m x 3 m Spud Deck Barge (Spud pontoon)

The deck barge was built in 1975 in the Netherlands. Spuds and equipment were built in 1988-89. The classification is Buerau Veritas ("Deep Sea") but has been discontinued. There are 3 spuds each 14m in length that are rope driven. The barge length is 45m, width is 12 m and height is 3 m. Location: Northern Europe

EUR 525,000
(USD 583,333)
210303-BD 46m x 16m x 3m - Deck Barge (Flat Deck Pontoon)

Built in 1994 in Germany. The barge is classed as Germanischer Lloyd "100 A 5 I Ponton" (discontinued). It has a length of 46 m, width of 16 m and height of 3 m. It also has a 20 liter diesel tank.  Location: Northern Europe

EUR 402,000
(USD 446,667)
210302-BD 2,400 Tonne Deck Barge 72 m

Built in 1980 in Poland, the deck barge has a Class Society and Notation of DNV GL. The barge is 72 m in length and has a breadth of 20 m. Draft is 2.37 m with a deck of 3.25 m. Deadweight is 2430 tonnes. Also available for Charter. Location: North Europe

Price on request
210109-BS 1,300 m3 Split Hopper Barge, Reinforced for Rock

Built in 2010, the barge hopper is 35mm thick and can be used for rock & stone. The main engine is 2 NINGDONG with 2 x 473 hp. Maximum speed is 11 knots. The barge length is 64.85 m, beam is 13.2 m and depth is 4.6 m.  Location: Malaysia

USD 950,000
(USD 950,000)
210102-BD 91 m, 7,400 DWT Deck Barge

Built in 2012 in China, it was used by the shipyard that built her for light shipyard work.  The barge remains in very good condition and ready to be put in service. Ramp door & hydraulic winch were installed in 2019. Barge is 91.5 m in length, 24.4 m in breadth and has a depth of 5.5 m. Sideboard height is 3.7 m. The barge has a deck strength of 10T/m2. Can be delivered within one month of signed contract.  Location: Malaysia

USD 1,540,000
(USD 1,540,000)
210101-BA 836-man Accommodations/Work Barge

One of the largest offshore accommodation barges in the world. The configuration of the vessel makes it a unique and versatile unit suitable for a wide variety of marine logistics and support projects in both deep water and continental shelf environments for the offshore oil and gas industry. It is fitted with a hydraulically powered Passive Heave Compensated Telescopic Gangway, offering a safe and rapid embarkation in a wide range of weather conditions and emergencies.  Loaction: West Africa

USD 18,000,000
(USD 18,000,000)
201206-BS 900 m3 Self Propelled Split Hopper Backhoe Dredger

In progress vessel. Requires 3 months to complete. The 900 m3 hopper has a hydraulic splitting mechanism. The cargo capacity is 1100 T. The vessel is 63.50 m in length and 11.36 m in breadth. The main engine is 2 Cummins- NTA 855 with 400 hp each. Vessel can be purchased with or without a backhoe. Backhoe options are either a 60T or 120T class Tata Hitachi. The dredging depth will be 12 m with the standard arm boom and bucket arrangement. Additional attachment (long boom and bucket) to dredge till 18 m can be made available at additional cost.  Location: India

Price on request
201203-BS 400 m3 Self Propelled Split Hopper Barge

The 400 m3 hopper barge has a length of 44.07 m, breadth of 8.60 m and depth of 3.93 m. GT is 450 with a displacement at load line of 920T. The barge is propelled by a 609 hp Caterpillar 3412 engine. The barge has a JIMECAL propeller with orientable propeller and a 74 kw bow thruster.  Location: Europe

EUR 426,000
(USD 473,333)
201109-BS 940 m3 Split Hopper Barge

The 940 m3 split hopper barge is powered by 2 Volvo Penta D12-MH engines with total power of 592 kw (794 hp). The length is 57.3 m, width is 11.0 m and a draft is 3.4 m.  The barge was built in 1977 in Romania, its flag is Comoros and the sailing area is Near-coastal. Location: Baltic Sea

EUR 730,000
(USD 811,111)
201107-BS 900 m3 Self-Propelled Split Hopper Barge & 400 m3 Self-Propelled Bottom Dumping Barge

The 900 m3 Self-Propelled Split Hopper Barge was built in 2014 and its Classification Society is Bureau Colombo. The 400 m3 Self Propelled Bottom Dumping Hopper Barge was built in 2008 and its Classification Society is Bureau Colombo. The barge was dry docked in 2015.  Location: Brazil

Price on request
201104-BA 330-Person Accommodations Barge

Built in 2009 in Korea, the barge flag is Marshall Island and Classification and Notation is ABS + A1 Barge. The barge is 100m (328-ft) in length and has a breadth of 30.50m (100-ft). Clear deck area is 1,335 m2. Lift equipment includes a 68 tons @ 6.8 m radius main hoist, a 11 tons @ 47.6m radius hoist and a 2 tons @ 10 m radius provision crane. Helideck is25m X 23m, 58T/m² loading suitable for Sikorsky S-61N & S-92 helicopters. Location: Central Africa

USD 10,200,000
(USD 10,200,000)
201101-BD 50.00 x 14.00 x 300 m Deck Barge For Charter

Built 2007 in China, this is a swim-ended, rectangular, flat top deck cargo barge. It has two spud legs for precise position holding, a shallow draft, suitable for working in close to shore and a large deck load capacity, for bulk cargoes such as rock or heavy plant. Location: UK Coast

Available for Charter
201015-BD 28 m x 16.2 m x 3 m Heavy Spud Barge

This listing is for a 28 m x 16 m x 3 m Barge with 4-point Mooring. It was built in Lebanon in 1999 and was reconditioned there in 2019. Its' Classification Society and Notation is IROS (International Register of Shipping). Location: Middle East

Available for charter
201011-BD 61.44 x 16.17 x 3.85 m DWT 2000

Max deck load of 12 T/m2. Barge has 10 ballast tanks and 2 ballast pumps and 6 ballast main pipe lines. Ballast tanks are hard coated. New build 2020 in Turkey and has a Class of RINA. The barge NT is 264T and GT of 882T.  Location: East Mediterranean

USD 1,540,000
(USD 1,540,000)
201010-BD 91.5 x 27.5 x 5.5 m DWT 8579

Heavy deck cargo barge has an area of 2503 m2 with a max. deck load of 8T/m2. Void tank area is 12,641 m3. The barge was built in 1994 in Singapore and has a class of NV-GL, +1A1 Barge, Ocean Going.  Location: Greece

EUR 1,130,000
(USD 1,255,556)
200917-BL 28 m Self Propelled Barge w/ 55-tonne crane

Powered by 2 GM engines with 750 hp, the barge has a cruising speed of 8 knots. The crane is a hydraulic slewing crane - USTON R.B. 71- with a boom length of 33.52 m and a lift capacity of 55.6 T. The barge is 28.5 m in length (overall) with a width of 12 m. Location: South of Italy

Price on request
200916-BD 7905 DWT Ballastable Barge for Charter

Strengthened for Heavy Cargo. 70.3 m length x 32.16 m breadth and a depth of 7.00 m. Draft is 4.80 m. Ballast tanks have a capacity of 13.270 m3 and have 2 pumps each 1.200 m³/h / 50 Hz / 23mWS. Barge Class Society & Notation is GL100 A5 RSA (200) PONTOON.  Location: North Europe

Available for charter
200913-BJ 610-tonne Payload Jack-Up Barge for Charter

This 42 x 23.5 Jack-Up barge has available deck area of 800 m2 and a deck load of 10T/m2. The barge has 4 x 37.5 m spuds. Maximum elevated height is 26.6 m. The barge was built in 1999, it's flag is St Vincent & The Grenadines. Class Society and Notation is BV I Hull Mach-Self Elev Unit. Location: Mediterranean

Available for charter
200911-BL 100-tonne Self-Propelled Crane Barge

Built in 1969 in Germany, the self-propelled crane barge has a lift of 35 m (115-ft) from deck. The barge has a length of 40.20 m, breadth of 22.40 m, depth of 4.0 m and a deck cargo space of 20 x 15 m. The barge is powered by 2 x PS IHP Schottel with a total power of 1300 hp.  Location: North Europe

For Charter Only
200910-BL 150-tonne Self-Propelled Revolving Crane Barge

The floating crane can lift loads up to 150 mt, transport them on water and precisely position them. The crane is more flexible than mobile or port cranes in the handling of heavy and/or oversized cargo. Due to the floating cranes, waterside operations do not stain the quay. On the cranes' cargo, loads can be stowed and transported over longer distances before safely being offloaded at their destination. Location: Europe

For Charter Only
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