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200730-BD 80.0 m x 34.0 m Deck Barge (Flat Top)

It was a floating crane that owners converted into a barge. The barge has a length of 80 m (262.5-ft), breadth of 34 m (111.5-ft) and a depth of 6.5 m (21.3-ft). Draft is 2.96 m (9.7-ft).  Location: South America

USD 1,235,000
(USD 1,235,000)
200723-BS 1,350 m3 NEW BUILD Self Propelled Split Hopper Barge

Bottom door dump barge is 90% complete. Estimate 2 months to complete upon purchase agreement. Barge has 16 bottom doors, 8 cells. Hydraulic system opens doors. The barge is powered by 2 engines each with 800 hp (597 kW) and 2 Schottlet propellers. The barge has accommodations of 5 x cabins (1 Master's and 4 x 2 berths).  Location: Turkey

EUR 2,575,000
(USD 2,861,111)
200722-BS 1700 m3 Self-Propelled Split Hopper Barge

This barge has a class INSB with a navigation area of Trips Coastal, 20 NM of shore. The barge is 74.35 m (244.5-ft) in length, with a beam of 14.0 m (50-ft) and depth of 4.5 m (14.8-ft). Deadweight 3000T. The barge is powered by 2 X JINAN, G6190 with 540 kW @ 1450RPM. The barge was built in 2017 in Greece. Location: Greece

EUR 3,400,000
(USD 3,777,778)
200721-BJ 24 m x 17 m x 2.4 m Modular Jack-Up Barge, 250-tonne Lift Capacity

Modular Jack-Up Barge has a working depth of 23.5 m (77-ft), a payload of 250-tonnes (275-tons) and a deckload of 5T/ m2. The legs are 36 m (118-ft) and diameter of 1.220 m (48-in). It has 2 Electro-Hydraulic Power Packs each with 37 kW. Barge is fully modular for transport (30x40 containers). The spuds have been removed and stored as not needed for last project. Barge holds expired certificates with BV but can be delivered with renewed certificates. Location: West Mediterranean

EUR 1,350,000
(USD 1,500,000)
200720-BD 80 m x 20 x 4 m - Ballasted Deck Barge

Built in 1998 in Denmark, the deck barge has a surface load of 15 T/m2 or bogie load of 32.0 T. Ballast water capacity is 8615,5 T with ballast pump capacity of 2 x 600 m3/h.  Location: East Mediterranean

EUR 830,000
(USD 922,222)
200710-BS 90 m3 Self Propelled Split Hopper Barge

Split hull with hydraulic opening and closing Hopper Barge has 90 m3 capacity capable of holding 150 tons. The barge is powered by one Deutz engine with 152hp (113kW). The propulsion system is a single Schottel propeller TIP NAN 100/103. The barge is 39.76 m (130.5-ft) in length and has a breadth of 6.18 m (20.3-ft). Minimum draft 0.50 m - Air draft 4.45 m. It has always been on fresh water. Location: North Europe

EUR 192,000
(USD 213,333)
200709-BD 67 m DWT 3636 Deck Barge (Flat Top Pontoon)

Built in 1976 in the Netherlands, this flat top pontoon Deck Barge is 67 m (220-ft) in length and a breadth of 16.96 m (55.6-ft). NT is 351 tons and GT is 1173 tons. Barge comes with spud legs and lifting winches.  Location: Europe

EUR 375,000
(USD 416,667)
200708-BD 50 m DWT 350 Deck Barge (Flat Top Pontoon)

Built in 1976 in Germany. Barge is 50 m in length and has a breadth of 15 m. he barge has a NT/GT of 220/733. Comes with spud legs and lifting winches. Spuds (2) have a height of 28 m (92-ft).Location: Europe

EUR 375,000
(USD 416,667)
200706-BL Self Propelled Floating Revolving Crane Demag 410e

Built in 1966 in Germany, the barge was rebuilt in 1980. Self propelled crane barge has a new class for European inland water. The crane is a Demag 410 hoisting/dredging crane. On the stern deck, there is a 16 tons A-frame for 16 tons hydraulic hoisting. The barge is powered by 2 Daimler Benz Germany engines. Reported to be in sailing condition. Last used as government vessel and salvage vessel. Location: North Europe

EUR 216,000
(USD 240,000)
200703-BW 36.77 m x 14.64 m x 1.83 m Modular Deck Barge (Pontoon)

12 piece couple pontoons (each pontoon consists of a 12,00 m en 6,00 m pc welded together). Includes coupling system with bolts, steel cables and beams. Pontoons have two spudholes and several bollards. Each pontoon is 18.38 m in length, 2.44 m in breadth and 1.83 m height. Loading capacity when coupled is 371.37 tons. Location: Germany

EUR 196,000
(USD 217,778)
200702-BS 1000 m3 New Bottom Dumping Hopper Barge Under Construction

Barge can be deliver with IRS or ABS class. Length of barge is 66.30 m with a dead weight of 1950 tons. Hopper capacity of 1000 m3. The barge will have an endurance of 15 days with 15% reserve. Accommodations shall be provided for a complement of sixteen persons (6 officers and ten crew). Location: India

USD 2,821,000
(USD 2,821,000)
200506-BL 1000-tonne Sheer Leg Crane

The Crane Barge Class Society and Notation is RINA (Expired). Owner can guide on costs and works to reactivate the vessel. The barge is 72.42 m in length (237-ft) and has a breadth of 30.0 m (98-ft). The main hoist is 2x500 tons = 1000 Ton. Horizontal distance between hull edge and hoist C.L. = 21 m, Hoist's eight above sea level = 53 m and Hoist speed = 1 m/min. Main engines are 2 diesel Shinko S 818S with total power of 1450 bhp. Location: Mediterranean

EUR 1,490,000
(USD 1,655,556)
200503-BD 10,000 DWT 106 m Ocean Going Self Propelled Deck Barges (2 Sisters)

Built in 2011 and launched from drydock 2013, the deck barge has a Class Society of BV. Both barges have recently completed dry dock work and both are currently in the water. Barge length is 106.2 m (348-feet) and breadth is 25 m (82-feet). With 2 engines by Zibo Diesel Engine, total power is 2949 kW (3943 hp). Location: Middle East

USD 4,308,000
(USD 4,308,000)
200421-BL 300-tonne Stiff Leg Derrick

The 300-tonne Stiff Leg Derrick was built in 2005 by the PT.ASL Shipyard in Indonesia. Located in Hong Kong

USD 2,200,000
(USD 2,200,000)
200420-BW 36 m (118-foot) Non-Propelled Work Boat

This 36 m (118-foot) Non-Propelled Work Boat is ready for inspection and delivery. Located in Hong Kong

USD 500,000
(USD 500,000)
200419-BL 155-tonne Floating Revolving Crane

This 155-tonne Floating Revolving Crane is ready for inspection and delivery. Located in Hong Kong

USD 1,400,000
(USD 1,400,000)
200414-BS 600 m3 Self Loading Split Hopper Crane Barge

This 600 m3 Self Loading Split Hopper Crane Barge was built in 1990 and has a valid Local Hong Kong Class. It is fully operational and is working daily. Located in Hong Kong

USD 600,000
(USD 600,000)
200412-BD 2400 DWT, 72 m Deck Barge with Bin Walls and Tug Notch

Built in 1980 in Poland, the deck barge is 72 m in length with a breadth of 20 m. It has a cargo capacity of 4,100 m3 and a load of 2400 metric tons. It's Class Society and Notation is DNV BV 1A1 Pontoon R5. Location: Baltic Sea

EUR 815,000
(USD 905,556)
200319-BD 964 BHP Self-Propelled Crane Barge

Vessel especially suited for grab dredging and placing of rocks, blocks or tetrapods and similar placing. The Equilibrum crane has a depth of 20 m (65.6-feet) and a reach of 28.0 m (91-feet)The bucket has a capacity of 5.75m3. The vessel has a max. deckload of 4T/m2. Powered by 2 EM MOTORS GMBH K22R the vessel has total power of 964 bhp. Built in 2010, the next annual survey is due on May 2021. Class Society and Notation is BV Coastal Area. Location: Europe

For Charter
200318-BD Self-Propelled Multipurpose Deck Barge with Dynamic Positioning

This self-propelled multipurpose deck barge was built in 1997. It has a Class Society nad Notation of Lloyds Register Sea Going. The barge has a Kongsberg KPOS11 DP system and 2 Azimuth Thrusters. Total main power is 1469 kW (1970 hp). The barge deck load is 10T/m2. It is next due for DD and SS in May 2022. Location: Europe

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200311-BD 130' x 50' x 12' Spud Barge, not documented

The vessel is of all welded steel construction with a raked bow, square stern and cambered deck with a concrete pad down the center. There are six (6) compartments: (2 rakes and 4 main body compartments) and four (4) spud wells. All compartments sighted are separated by transverse and longitudinal watertight bulkheads. There are 3 spuds each between 40-50-feet. The spuds are moved with an inboard crane and then pinned into place. Location: state of Virginia, USA

USD 110,000
(USD 110,000)
200307-BJ 200-tonne Ravestein Jack Up Barge

The platform consists of multiple pontoons (16 units), each with outer measurements of a standard 40’ sea-container. The two outer pontoons are each with two legs wells and connections lugs for the hydraulic lifting system. The lifting system mainly consists of four legs, four removable hydraulic lifting systems, a power system and a control panel. The modular construction makes the platform suitable for road transportation. Location: Black Sea

EUR 1,240,000
(USD 1,377,778)
200305-BP 326-feet, 25,000 BBL.Day Floating Processing Offloading Vessel (FPO) Artic Containment System (ACA)

The barge can work as a floating production offloading system (FPO) to process the flow of oil, gas and water coming from an existing offshore well and it also works as a quick response containment uint (ACE) with 8 anchor mooring system. The barge offers living quarters for 72 people, fully certified for Alaska. The power plant has capacity of 4,395 KW (5,894 hp), ABD certified to operate in Alaska. Processing units APCO1 and APCO2. Mooring capacity ( 8 anchors) designed and certified to keep in position the barge. Location: Mexico

USD 11,000,000
(USD 11,000,000)
200304-BL 150-tonne Revolving Crane Vessel w/6-point mooring and Dive Support

Vessel in Lay up condition under regular maintenance program. It can be used purely as a crane ship or as a dive support or used in hook, maintenance and installation works. Heavy Lift Crane Vessel 150t (47.5 x 17m) - present rigged for 120t and 34.5m Boom – 6* point mooring – 3* Diver Mixed Gas system (only 4 years old) - IMCA certified Chamber (Containerized 20ft) - Machinery Container with electric and diesel driven Compressors, UW-Welding and Hydraulic Powerpack - Workshop Container - Aluminum Dive Tender - 2x75hp Mariner Outboard engines (9x2.5m) - built in dive system. Location: West Africa

USD 2,600,000
(USD 2,600,000)
200302-BL Revolving Crane Barge with Towing Tug & Pusher Boat

The barge was built in 1997 in Japan. It has a hold capacity of 1020 m3. The crane is a SKK-16010GDT-AS with a lift capacity of 165 tonnes and includes a grab bucket of 12 m3 x 20 tonnes. The barge has 2 sets of spuds. It is reported to be in good operating condition. Location: Japan

JPY 92,000,000
(USD 862,716)
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