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326-feet, 25,000 BBL.Day Floating Processing Offloading Vessel (FPO) Artic Containment System (ACA)

326-feet, 25,000 BBL.Day Floating Processing Offloading Vessel (FPO) Artic Containment System (ACA)

The barge can work as a floating production offloading system (FPO) to process the flow of oil, gas and water coming from an existing offshore well and it also works as a quick response containment uint (ACE) with 8 anchor mooring system. The barge offers living quarters for 72 people, fully certified for Alaska. The power plant has capacity of 4,395 KW (5,894 hp), ABD certified to operate in Alaska. Processing units APCO1 and APCO2. Mooring capacity ( 8 anchors) designed and certified to keep in position the barge.

The barge was originally design as a quick response to contain an offshore well blowout. The processing units (APCO1/ APCO2) can receive a mix flowing from a well (oil, seawater and gas), process it, separating seawater (send it back to the sea), the gas (which is incinerated with a Flare Boom), and the oil that can be transferred to a storage deposit (a tanker ship or an oil tank deposit) or incinerated.

Because its capacity to process an incoming mix of oil/gas/seawater form an oil well (offshore or inland), it can also be used as a Floating Production and Offloading system (FPO) for a deep-water offshore well (more than 1000 feet), or a shallow water new well(s).

Located: Mexico

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Technical Details

  Built Year/Place 1976 / Seatrain Shipbuilding Corp.
  Class: A1 Floating Offshore Installation (FOI), Chukchi and Beaufort Seas Coastwise.
Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length: 96.4 m 316.5-feet
  Beam: 32.23 m 105.75-feet
  Depth: 6.0 m 20.0-feet
  Load Line: 4.7 m 15.5-feet
  Light Ship Weight: 5051 5,567.62
  Gross Tonnage: 7265 8,008
  Net Tonnage: 2179 2,402
  Deadweight: 4,405 tonnes 4856 tons
  Accommodations: 74 persons  
Generating Capacity
  (3) Caterpillar C 27: Gensets @ DE 725KVA/910 KVA; 480 V, 60HZ, 3F, EACH
  (2) Caterpillar C 32: Gensets @ 940 KW/ 1175 KVA; 480 V; 60 HZ, 3F, EACH
  Total Power: 4,395 kW 5,894 hp
  Make/Model: Sparrows Man./Crane EC1000
  Make/Model: Sparrows Man./Crane EC65
Lifeboat Davits (2)
  Make: Global Davit
  Safe Working Load: 8 tonnes 8.8 tons
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